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Stéphanie Szostak (born August 5, 1975) is a French actress who started her career in the early 2000s.

Szostak is best known for having appeared in the films The Devil Wears Prada, Dinner for Schmucks, Iron Man 3, and R.

The actress recently talked to uk about the television drama.

The talented French actress revealed several things about her new TV show, which mostly deals with extra marital affairs and long term married life.

In her interview with the femalefirst, Szostak, aged 40, when asked to talk about her new USA Network drama series, mostly talked about affairs, marriage while discussing her character in the show.

She said that she was pretty excited that her show was coming to UK as well. It's the story about a very nice couple (Neil and Grace) who has (on the surface) the American Dream - the big house, expensive cars, a charming daughter who attends a private school... A perfect sort of life.“Yet, underneath this surface even though they have a loving family, somewhere along the way they lost their connection and their intimacy (physically and emotionally).

They forgot how to listen and be present with each other and also stopped doing things for themselves,” she explained.

The actress revealed: “Neil works 70 hours a week so Grace feels alone and as the series starts we catch them at a point where 'nice' isn't enough anymore.

Grace ends up looking for that intimacy elsewhere and Neil catches her in the act of infidelity and instead of confronting her, he tries to understand why...”Talking about her character (Grace), she described Grace as “A woman who is trying to rediscover her sense of self.

She is searching for who she is and who she wants to be aside from just being a mother and a wife. ”The French beauty revealed that she was drawn to the role of Grace.

She said how the theme of the show pulled her toward the role.

She said she understood Grace and felt like all women and mothers have been in Grace’s position, even if only for a minute.“As mothers and wives how do we juggle life, work, the kids, groceries, cooking, putting the toilet seat down and through all that, how do we keep desire alive?

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