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Smoking is a nasty habit, but it’s often very difficult for smokers to say goodbye to their cigarettes. According to a recent survey conducted by in partnership with Chantix, a whopping 92-percent of U. More than 60 percent of those singles surveyed said they would never date a smoker and eighty-five percent of non-smokers think dating someone who smokes is a “big deal.”First dates for smokers may prove to be more difficult than ever before.

For some daters, smoking is an absolute deal breaker.

The survey also revealed that a little over half off U. singles think it’s more rude to take a smoke break on a first date than it is to check your cell phone and nearly 90-percent of non-smokers do mind kissing a smoker after they’ve had a cigarette.

Here are 10 common reasons why men hate it when girls smoke. It clings to your skin, your nails, and especially your hair. Nothing is worse than a drop dead gorgeous girl with yellow teeth.Even if you are beautiful and a guy finds you attractive, your smoker’s smile will be a dead giveaway that you are a tobacco user. You’ll get wrinkles, bags under your eyes, and thinning hair. If you want to look young and radiant, you have to ditch the cigarettes ASAP.That horrible, rattling smoker’s cough is just gross.Why would any guy want to make out with a girl after she coughs up half of her lungs?The good news is that if you quit smoking, the cough will disappear pretty quickly. If you smoke, it shows that you don’t have much self respect and you certainly don’t care about your health.Women who smoke spend a lot of time tied to their cigarettes.Nothing ruins a date faster than when the girl has to step outside every hour to smoke a cigarette.He doesn’t want to compete with your smoking habit so kick it to the curb now.Men hate it when a girl has a filthy, smelly car and that’s a given if you smoke.Even if you aren’t smoking in your vehicle, the smell is still lingering there because it’s stuck on you.When a guy imagines the girl that he will take home to meet mom, he isn’t picturing a smoker.

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