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The incident happened in Ashington, between approximately 6am and 6.30am, on Saturday, October 7.

Rhyss Laws, 19, of Storey Crescent, in Newbiggin by the Sea, has been charged with two counts of sexual assault and a section 47 assault.

However, up to date details of all care and support providers in Northumberland can be found below and you can use our search feature to find care homes, nursing homes and home care providers across the whole of England.

However, residents are fighting back after mum-of-three Steph Harmison noticed Tommy had been bumped to the outskirts of town.Steph’s petition to have Tommy reinstated has received almost 1,700 signatures in just one day.Steph has even started a hashtag – #wewanttommy – and is planning a peaceful demonstration this Sunday.‘Tommy is not just an ice cream man, in our area he is everyone’s childhood hero too.We’ve never had another ice cream man and he’s served several generations in most families round here,’ Steph explained.‘I thought the other guy had just got there first, but Tommy says they’ve been allowed to replace him because they’ve put in a bigger offer with the council.’ ‘Tommy was actually crying when he started telling me about it,’ she said.‘He knows everyone by name and he even comes out selling ice cream in winter. If the kids don’t have enough money, he lets them pay him back the next day or even makes them a little one for free.‘My husband Ronnie is 35 and Tommy has served him since he was a baby.’ Tommy says he’s distraught about the loss of his patch.‘I am not blaming the new ice cream man, it’s not his fault at all, but this site should not have been up for tender,’ he said.‘The council should support local businesses.’ He added: ‘I’ve been here for 47 years and I’ve seen kids become mums and mums become grandmas.I sponsor the local lifeboat and the football team.

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