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Hi All, I was wanting current or recent (last five years) opinions on the three schools listed below for primary schooling.

Either parents or the impressions recently graduated past students got of the junior part of their school. Somerville House Presbyterian and Methodist Pre-Prep ~ Co-Ed Prep - Year 12 ~ Girls Only 2015 Year 6 fee: ,800 St.

Aidan's Anglican Girls' School Anglican Kindergarten ~ Co-Ed Prep - Year 12 ~ Girls Only 2014 Year 6 fee: ,352 St. accepts boys up to Year 5, how many boys would be in a typical class, is it a true co-educational school or just a handful of boys?

I included it because in past posts on various forums I observe people often talk about price and debate which school is more pricey, so I thought by added them, then that cuts out the excess from the true opinions.

There are some very good public schools in the same catchment that some of these private schools are in.

If you are in catchment, you might consider public for primary and then switch to private.

By then, you'll have a better idea of your children, how they learn, their strengths (sporty, musical, academic) etc and which school would be the best fit for them. None of those schools are academically as good as All Hallows.

Whilst I don't have any current experience I have my DD down for Somerville. How will you get her there if you live far away from one of them? My job isn't 9-5 so I'm happy to spend the time travelling.

We were originally down from prep but when the entrance level started from pre-prep and no prep intake we changed as I didn't want her going to school five days a week from three and a half (she's very young in the year). I'm confident that it's probably the best all girls school (apart from or on par with Girls Grammar) in Brisbane and I'm a past student from another of the schools you've listed above so I feel like I have some knowledge. Our children aren't school aged yet so happy to move suburbs once a school has been selected.

That's my opinion for what it's worth These schools are very far apart distance wise. There seems to be more 'good' boys schools than there are girls schools that begin in Prep, so I feel like finding one near by won't be as tough.

Do you feel All Hallow's has any other strengths that would make it worth pulling our girls out to attend in year 5?

My 2 girls used to go to St Aidans (moved interstate) and would move back in a heart beat.

It's a beautiful school with amazing pastoral care.

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