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They hold each other close, before laughingly pulling apart.Then the man twirls his partner, his left hand resting on her slender waist with practised ease.

They are great together.’By the end of freshers’ week, Kate ­Middleton had been crowned the prettiest girl at Sally’s, the nickname for St Salvator’s Hall, her hall of residence at St Andrews.

And she had already caught the eye of fellow student Prince William.

He had noticed her as soon as he arrived – it was hard not to.

It was September 2001 and William was beginning a four-year history of art course.

He settled in quickly at Sally’s and although the town’s 16,000 residents were initially inquisitive following his arrival, they soon left him alone.

William wanted to be treated the same as everyone else, and at St Andrews he was.

The media had agreed with Buckingham Palace to leave the Prince in peace after he gave a brief interview and attended a photocall on the day of his arrival.

He could walk down the street without being bothered and shop at the local Tesco. Sally’s, one of the university’s 11 halls of residence, has both male and female ­living quarters.

As he bounded down the stairs carrying his various books and folders, William would often bump into the same brunette, who happened to be on the same course.

Kate was shy and quieter than the other girls, which William liked, and he looked forward to their meetings.

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