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Earn money, beat up bad guys, eat, get pretty, go to the movies, do whatever.

It's a French dating Simulation, with pretty cool graphics and a far more interesting and complicated game play than just memorizing random facts about some chick.

Évidemment, pour que cela fonctionne vous devrez un peu gonfler vos statistiques : soigner votre apparence physique, travailler votre charisme, faire du sport, gagner de...

The Bathurst Batholith west of Sydney, Australia, consists of an enormous pluton (the Bathurst Granite) and numerous smaller related satellite plutons and dikes.

I once dated a Marquis who was paralysed with horror when water began to pour through the ceiling of his dilapidated country house.

He was the life and soul, could party until 4am, then get up early with no ill-effects.

It was the first time Mac Arthur has set foot in Philippine soil since he promised "I shall return" before evacuating Corregidor Island for Australia.

The landings at Leyte kickstarted the liberation of the Philippine Islands from Japanese imperial forces in World War 2 which has occupied the country since 1941.

Far more than a moment in history, it was a moment of intense human emotion and a promise fulfilled.

Indeed, which Filipino has not heard of Mac Arthur’s immortal words of “I shall return?

Ang Battle of Leyte noong Pacific campaign sa Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig ay isang pagsakop at pagsalakay ng pwersa ng mga Amerikano, Australyano at ng mga Gerelyang Pilipino na pinamumunuan ni Heneral Douglas Mac Arthur sa Leyte, Philippines at nakipagdigmaan laban sa mga sundalo ng Imperyo ng Hapon sa Pilipinas na pinamumunuan ni Heneral Tomoyuki Yamashita mula 17 ng Oktubre 1944 hanggang 31 ng Hulyo 1945.

Kilala si Mac Arthur na masyadong conscious sa kanyang imahe at nais niyang itanghal ang sarili bilang isang heroic figure.

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