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Being the “First Class” race car driver she is, Jo knows her way around any car.

To maintain our spotless reputation, we only endorse products, services and events with brands represented by persons that we have first-hand knowledge of.

We want to continue our perfect reputation that is why we will continue to only represent the “best in class.” We only endorse products or service providers with whom we are totally familiar. She is available on a limited basis only for certain personal appearances.

Schedule your “Live Appearances” with Jo well in advance as her dance card seems to fill up as fast as she drives.

Make your reservations to have Jo as your guest (contact early to avoid scheduling conflicts.)It was great to have you in our home town and thanks to Scott at Quaker Steak and Bob and Arlow at Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio for showing you around our area.

It was a real honor to meet you and its always a pleasure to meet a true car chick that has a passion for our hobby and sport !

We all hope you can visit Milwaukee again we would love to have you back Jo.

On this page: Introduction The early days Sizes of gauges Industrial and military gauges Wings gauges Big logo gauges Small logo gauges Custom series gauges Stewart Warner date codes Stewart Warner panels Some related pages on 1932 Ford coupe project 1932 Ford roadster project Classic hot rod parts for sale Classic racing wheels Interior parts and gauges Pioneers of hot rodding Speed equipment directory Until a few years ago, gauges were something that I had always pretty much taken for granted.

Having recently spent four years searching for the narrow Halibrand magnesium wheels for the front of my 1932 Ford roadster project, and not needing another expensive and time-consuming automotive obsession, this was an area of hot rod history that I had deliberately avoided.

After tracking down some very rare old hot rod and race car parts for the roadster, it became clear that in order to stay with the theme of the car, its list of goodies would have to include a set of classic Stewart Warner gauges. In September of 2002, I located a Stewart Warner 150-psi oil pressure guage identical to the one shown here.

It was made back in 1959, and was still in a sealed bag in its original box.

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