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[We see a series of impressive Ancient Egyptian pillars.] To Egypt along the infamous Nile.[A yacht sailing in the orange evening sun along the Nile.] The iconic pyramids.

[A man relaxing in a beach hammock, wearing a straw hat and using a laptop on his chest.] Hilton’s nineteen unique properties.

[Hanging traditional Egyptian lanterns.] Five exotic destinations.

[Outside view of a swimming pool and villa on the riverbank.] For business or leisure.

[Split screen, with a contemporary desk space on the right; as a smiling couple splash one another in a swimming pool on the left.] There’s a place for your desire.

[Stunning view of a mountain, reflected in an infinity pool as the sun begins to set.] [A woman leans over a balcony and gazes across the sea.] In Cairo.

[A traditional mosque in Cairo.] Visit the Conrad Cairo.

[A night time outside view of the Conrad Cairo.] The Hilton World Trade Centre Residencies.

[A skyline showing the Hilton Trade Centre Residencies from across the river at night.] Enjoy the Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort.

[An outside shot of the swimming pool bar and water feature at The Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort.] Indulge in the luxurious Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residencies.

[Poolside view of the Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residencies that looks out across the river towards Cairo.] Experience the Ramses Hilton.

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