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It is another if you are looking to hook up for sex with men in their twenties.I think the issue here is really that she is putting out that she is 19, not 16 which is a huge difference at that age.Of course, my next question is how was it that you came across a "19" year old's profile...denny I wouldn't say some...........45 yr old men see a pic of a 20 yr old women in a magazine,in an advertisment.....whateverthey still can apprieciate a beautiful female,it does not mean they are 'trolling for teens'when I am 60yr old.......if I see a beautiful 20 yr old woman on the front of the maxim magazine in a 7-11.....I will make a point of still allowing myself to think she is beautiful.....because she is Yessssssssss if you are still able to talk to her..........her!!Can u imagine the guilt u would feel if something happened to this girl? She could get into so many problems, it scares me to think about it.Way too many sickos out there preying on children!! If a mother does not appreciate someone being concerned for her child then there is something wrong with her.Of course the daughter will not be happy because there will likely be repercussions.If you really feel that they will both become angry at you, find a way to give her the information anonymously.Open up a dummy yahoo address and send her a link to the webpage or the site and the username so that she can look it up herself.A simple, thought you might be interested in what your daughter is doing would suffice.

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