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Now four years after the hit medical drama said goodbye to the infamous neonatal surgeon, Walsh is reflecting on the role that changed her life.

During a Q&A with Buzzfeed, Kate said she'll never forget her entrance at the end of season one.

There were chat rooms, but I never really went on them.

I kind of liked being the Wicked Witch from the East. [Show creator] Shonda [Rhime's] really gifted at flipping every character that's seemingly awful.

It's a great lesson in how to have compassion for people that you initially hate." is the perfect title.""To keep our morale up they started showing us episodes at Friday lunches that were already edited," she revealed.

"And I was like, 'This is a really good show' and I was so excited to be a part of it.

I was supposed to do a pilot for another sitcom on ABC, and it didn't end up getting picked up and then they called me to be a series regular on binge-watching sesh? " she admitted, "Once in a while I'll see a gif somewhere online.

It would be really interesting to go back and watch now—that would be really cool.""It was funny, I was on Walsh is evidently still a huge fan of the long-running series, and was just as shocked when producers killed off Mc Dreamy in season 11. "Well, I was surprised when they killed off Patrick," she dished. The Motel maid was an employee of Corn Cob Motel in Iowa who had several items stolen from her by Kate while she was cleaning rooms.During her time as a fugitive, a blond-haired Kate ran to Iowa, where the Corn Cob Motel was located.While the motel maid was cleaning rooms, she entered one of the rooms and left her cleaning cart outside.Unknown to the maid, Kate approached the cart and stole some articles, including a white towel and two bottles of shampoo.Shortly thereafter, Kate entered a room that had just been vacated and put on the "Do not disturb" sign so she could wash the dye from her hair."Pilot, Part 2" • "Exodus, Part 1" • "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" • "There's No Place Like Home, Part 2" • "There's No Place Like Home, Part 3" • "The Incident, Part 1 • "LA X, Part 1" • "LA X, Part 2" • "The End"Adam • Sam Austen • Baseball Hat • Connor Brennan • Rachel Brennan • Tom Brennan • Kevin Callis • Mr.Callis • Suzanne Callis • Customer • Duncan • Federal agent • Kate's horse • Mark Hutton • Jacob • Diane Janssen • Wayne Janssen • Sayid Jarrah • Jason • Johnny • Sun-Hwa Kwon • Benjamin Linus • Aaron Littleton • Carole Littleton • Man • Manager • Edward Mars • Michelle • Minister • Motel maid • Ray Mullen • Dan Norton • Nurse • Cassidy Phillips • Clementine Phillips • Sam • Sanjay • Jack Shephard • Six Foot Five • Mr.Springer • Sweet young woman • Ticket agent • Traner • Trucker • Scott Wheeler Arthur Galzethron • Bearded man • Co-pilot • Karen Decker • Melissa Dunbrook • Diane Janssen • Dan Norton • Dorpema • Duncan Forrester • Sayid Jarrah • Sun-Hwa Kwon • Aaron Littleton • Claire Littleton • Woo-Jung Paik • Mrs.Paik • Pearson • Pilot • Carmen Reyes • David Reyes • Hugo "Hurley" Reyes • Jack Shephard • Margo Shephard • Sutherland • Veronica Leslie Arzt • Lindsey Baskum • Mr.

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