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This post was originally published on my other blog, a much more Not Safe For Work site, at How do we participate in the online revolution without being forced to “come out” about every sex act we enjoy, some of which are still illegal thanks to draconian restrictions on sexual freedom, even (and especially? This month, a new social network called Blackbox Republic (BBR) is attempting to tackle this head-on and aims to create a place for, as Marshall Kirkpatrick put it, this particular .

However, it turns out that blog is censored in various countries, such as Dubai. Although BBR is clearly a business, it’s a business whose creators have laudable intentions for positive social and cultural change.

For people like me, who have progressive views about sexuality, these three things are constantly on our minds.

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Over the past few months, Blackbox Republic has been building a marketing arsenal of anticipation and intrigue.Its creators are successful in non-sexuality-focused spheres of influence: Sam Lawrence is the respected former Chief Marketing Officer of Jive Software, Inc., and April Donato, has experience in community management. ) well with the sex-positive movement, discussing it at length in the early stages of their marketing efforts after de-cloaking the new company.In an interview for Social Networking Watch, Sam Lawrence said, [Sam Lawrence:] The co-founder [April Donato] and myself are part of [the sex-positive] community.Sex positive means that your sexuality is not an issue.You don’t have an issue with other people’s sexuality.You’re open to what other people are interested in and what their boundaries are, and you’re open with your own.[…] [Interviewer:] To what extent do you practice a sex-positive lifestyle?[Sam Lawrence:] From the perspective of sex not being an issue, I think that love is generated by people being open enough about who they are as people to put all of themselves out on the table.As far as putting all of myself on the table, it’s something that I do every single day.I have an enormous amount of respect for anyone able to so capably present themselves as authentically as Sam does.On the eve of Kink For All New York City 2, I met Sam and April at one of their “founder meetups” and had the chance to talk to them face-to-face.

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