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Check-in at the Doubletree in Houston is extra special on NBA All-Star weekend.

(It gets a little tricky, because the and the "working girls" tend to dress alike. We meet several weeks before All-Star weekend over a too precious breakfast at Philadelphia's Lacroix restaurant at the Rittenhouse Hotel to talk about blow jobs and basketball players.The standard outfit this weekend: a Band-Aid—sized denim miniskirt studded with rhinestones slung low enough to flash ass-cleavage, knee-high shiny white boots, a silver belt that appears to be made of hubcaps, a midriff-baring top that shows off belly tattoos, and enough fake bling and chains to tow a Hummer.) We mean working girls—the hundreds, thousands, who in their real lives have actual jobs, dreary thankless jobs, but in their fantasy lives get to be NBA groupies. Brenda is the reigning Groupie expert, thanks in part to a juicy novel she wrote, , which she whipped off after spending five years as the personal assistant to Stephon Marbury.Marbury, as well as his wife, was none too thrilled with Thomas's literary debut, in which a vast assortment of (allegedly fictional) women spend a great deal of time on their knees, in service to the NBA., sometimes right there in the parking lot.If a player is feeling particularly chivalrous, he might let one service him in his Bentley.Gutter Groupies don't spring for airfare and hotel rooms for NBA All-Star weekend.They won't go that far to give a free blow job.magazine but doing the Look for Less," Brenda says.They're mostly blue-collar, often from the hood, and more likely to be swept up by the "culture of the NBA"—which is to say, hip-hop—than by the actual game or the players."They're notch-in-the-belt party girls," says Brenda, "who'd be happy with a fling with a bodyguard." She pauses. These are the women who are just classy enough to merit a second encounter with a player.They might even get a piece of jewelry or a ride on the team's private plane.To be a Fly Girl, you need to be toting real Louis Vuitton.

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