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dating a man with no car

Ambivalent women dating

Dear Lauren, I’ve had a crush on this woman for about a month.

In sales you pitch to 25 people before you get a taker. I’m a funny guy, fairly wise, very goal oriented, and I’m very social. To expect a sale each time you pursue a woman would be setting yourself up for sure disappointment. But the bottom line is, I’m just not very good with “relationships” or dating in general. Can you help give me a clue on how to be more successful with the ladies? If there was one thing I wish I could tell my marriage-minded friends who repeatedly deal with ambivalent men, it would be this: “Stop being ridiculous and ‘settle’ for the guy who likes you.” I would tell them that because I wish someone would have told me that years ago when I met the guy who I now deem as my personal disaster. Charming and extraordinarily good looking, he possessed an exuberant amount of swag before anyone even used the word “swag”.As a result, my friends and I nicknamed him “Masterpiece”.Masterpiece and I would hang out from time to time, but he was emotionally vacant; therefore, I clearly didn’t have a chance. Convinced that I could change his mind about wanting to be in a serious relationship, I pulled out all of the stops.He was skilled in the game though knowing how to keep me at arms length while embracing me at the same time.The push-pull was simultaneously intoxicating and devastating.Looking back, I wonder what kept me motivated to ride such a vomit-inducing rollercoaster and I discovered that it was my own mind!I would rehearse all of his great qualities in my head and tell them to friends when explaining why I just couldn’t walk away.I had decided he was my dream come true – except he wasn’t.

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