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Fr: Caitlin Re: Branch Book Overview: There are few surprises in this book.The "surprises" that might exist are buried and took a close reading to pick up on—the two main ones are about the terror clause of WJC's crime bill and why he hadn't disclosed information about Lewinsky (because he hadn't wanted to become a witness against her).There are a lot of things that have been covered in My Life and other publications.

While not as "and this day, and the next day" as My Life, it does share many of the same elements that would engage only a true Clinton fanatic or historian.

The fact that there appears to be no index also makes it difficult for anyone looking for a quick hit to get one.

Furthermore, WJC's words are so interlaced with Branch's recollection through his dictations, that the number of direct WJC quotes was far fewer than I had expected.

HRC was not as much of a player as one might imagine.

Her role is largely seen through her interactions with Branch when he is recording WJC.

Her statements were consistent with the past, with the exception of the Gephardt comment, and didn't grab much attention at all.[1] (Others included HRC's devotion to CVC, thought that there should not be a special prosecutor and images of her returning from meetings.

They were pretty much aligned with her interactions with Branch.) Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, many of the problems discussed in the book are those, which face the current Administration—Middle East peace, North Korea, China, etc...

Branch repeatedly injects his feelings on specific subjects and seems to use the book to voice his own opinion of the Administration and events of the time.

He clearly has topics he prefers over Ac All Ip II OUI II ICOUVI I VVIll C V C I 1 1 J I n a l u I C JU lt I c l lo t U l U IJO U JJIU I I c A L JO U t Ill, o uulat are strikingly sparsely discussed such as Rwanda.

Its absence from long discussions was surprising, but it did not appear as thought WJC ever-dodged questions about the topic, they just weren't addressed.

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